Top 7 Places to Go Mountain Biking in the US

Places to go mountain biking in the US

Mountain bike riding is one of the most fulfilling, easiest, and healthiest hobbies you can cultivate. Cycling is, of course, one of the best exercises to do on a regular basis, and mountain biking adds that little bit of extra strain to help you become stronger and more resilient. Mountain biking gets you in touch with nature, since you are cycling outdoors instead of in the smoke-filled grind of the city, and allows you to replenish and restore your vitality thanks to the clean, fresh air, and stunning views.

The U.S. has a large number of popular and challenging mountain bike trails. Many of these are old trails that were formed as paths for people on foot and on horseback, but some have been formed specifically for pedaling, not walking.

Mountain biking vacations are common among those passionate about their bikes, and it is precisely for these enthusiastic and adventurous practitioners that we have this list. Here are the top American mountain biking destinations.

All these destinations have accommodation options either right in the city or nearby, but the major cities close to the destinations may have better accommodation across a wider price range. Budget options such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb are much more likely to be available in the larger cities than the biking destinations themselves. Most of these destinations get full on weekends, so either plan your vacations during the week, or at least start early.

Moab, Utah

Nearest Cities: Grand Junction, CO: 113 mi; Salt Lake City, UT: 234 mi

Moab may be a cliched first entry on this list, but it is not the top choice of most mountain bikers and biking magazines without a sound reason. It is situated at the heart of Utah’s backcountry, with a crisscrossing

Innovative Game Ideas for Ice Skating

We all love a sport, and we look for different ways to get better at it. The same holds true for the sport of ice skating. Children who are learning how to ice skate, are bound to find the mundane lessons boring. To help them learn better, coaches look for different ways through which they can make teaching a lot of fun. After all, it is very important that you enjoy what you do! Children will learn how to ice skate better, with the help of these games. Then again, we have adults who have indoor skate rinks. The ice skating game ideas mentioned below will be useful for them too.

Ice Skating Games for Kids and Adults

1. Fire on Ice
Every child knows how to play ‘Fire on the mountain’, isn’t it? That is exactly how we’re going to play this game. You will need music for the game. After the music starts, children start skating around the rink. As soon as the music stops, the coach shouts out a number, say, ‘five’. Then, children need to form groups of five members each. There will be a few children who failed to form a proper group. For example, if there are 20 children, and you ask them to form groups of 3, there will be two children who won’t be able to get into any group. These children have to leave the rink, and the game continues. When only 2 children remain, they are declared winners!

2. Hit One!
Our next pick in the innovative game ideas for ice skating is a game that is simple, yet offers a lot of fun. Everyone starts skating around the rink, as fast as they can. The coach closes his eyes, and throws a small plastic ball inside

Choosing Your First Surfboard

If riding on sea waves has always been your dream and you have finally reached the point where you are ready to try it out, the first thing to do is buy a surfboard. As you know, it is an adventure sport, wherein you ride the incoming waves on the seashore using a board as your vehicle. Your surfboard needs to be such that it can take the lashing of incoming waves, should have the right design to cut through the waves and float over them, while providing a solid base to take your weight.

The image of the blue sea with rising and falling waves and a surfer riding them with grace and balance! What a sight and a feeling it is indeed. Though great surfers make it look easy, it is a fact that it’s a dangerous sport and beginners should not take this fact lightly. Like every adventure sport, safety lies in choosing the right equipment and right technique.

How to Choose Your First One?

Surfboards come in various types and sizes. It is essential that you take your first surfing lessons or learn it from someone who knows surfing, before venturing in the sea on your own. While the traditional boards, first used in Hawaii, are made of wood, modern surfboards are made from polystyrene and even carbon fiber. Here are the features you need to look out for.

One of the most important factors, of course, is the length of the board. Ideally, this has to be longer than your height so that you can easily lie down on it to paddle through, when the waves are down. The greater length is also beneficial because it provides greater stability. So the length of the board has to be up to or more

Best Places for Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Paragliding at pokhara valley nepalAnd I thought, paragliding was an experience which no one can sum up in words. But yes, these lines have managed to paint a fine picture.

Humans have tried out insane things in order to be able to fly; some of them worked, but many others literally sunk into oblivion. Until we devised paragliding. After that, it’s been a have-mountain-will-glide attitude with anyone pursuing this recreational sport.

What we’ve done, here, is lined up a fabulous list of 5 of the best paragliding destinations in the world, along with 5 from the U.S. Take a look.

Chamonix, France

The Alps are a hotshot destination among skiers, but it holds true for paragliding and hang gliding enthusiasts as well. France, particularly, has paragliding fans in large numbers, which explains the high number of gliding sites in the country. The reason we picked Chamonix from among them is simple―the proximity to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. Gliders, often the experienced ones, come to the summit to launch their flight, and take a leisurely glide over the gorgeous Chamonix valley. The region has a lift system which lets you access the several take-off points. As gliding here requires prior experience, there are options to fly tandem (along with a guide) as well.

Cape Town, South Africa

Viewing the spectacular Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand Beach is one thing; but believe me, you haven’t seen the real deal until you’ve glided over it. Cape Town is one city that offers some amazing views from up above, and paragliding is the best way to experience it. Experienced gliders can visit the Table Mountain National Park to launch from the Table Mountain itself. Tandem flights usually take off from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill, and wind directions permitting, may even fly

Rock Climbing Safety Tips

Rock climbing is not child’s play. One has to be very cautious when indulging in this activity. Even a slight mistake can cause serious injury, which may prove to be fatal. Several enthusiastic individuals have taken up this sport as it is highly challenging and allows a person to test his own limits. However, its increasing popularity has resulted in higher incidences of injuries pertaining to this sport. It is, therefore, imperative that one follows preset safety measures to ensure safe climbing.

Rock climbing can be performed either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor climbing is far more dangerous than indoor climbing because of the lack of additional protection for the climber. If you are interested in this adventurous activity, you can ensure protection by following the measures given below. For better understanding, we have segregated them as general and specific safety tips. General tips must be followed by indoor as well as outdoor climbers, whereas specific tips must be followed depending on whether the activity is performed on a rock wall or in a simulated climbing gym.
Rock Climbing: Play by the Rules
☞ Before the Activity
woman jogging outdoors
The first requirement for safe climbing is that you have to be mentally prepared and physically fit before beginning this exhaustive task. With a sound mind and body, it will be easier for you to handle difficult situations, thereby aiding you in escaping mishaps.
Purchase new equipment on your own and do not borrow it from others. Make sure you have purchased good quality equipment and backup materials to ensure protection. Cheap and low quality equipment can land you in trouble.
Select your climbing shoes with utmost care because uncomfortable shoes make climbing difficult. Look for shoes that provide proper grip when going up on a

Skimboarding Tips

What is Skimboarding?

For those who are not really familiar with this sport, skimboarding is performed on a baseboard which looks a lot like a regular surfboard. The only difference is that a skimboard is slightly smaller than the surfboard; this is to let the board glide easily on water. This sport is often known as skimming, where a person (namely, skimmer) stands on the board and slides the board on shallow water. You can find shallow water to skim when the waves are low, and closer to the beach. If you happen to look at someone skimboarding, you will see that the technique is similar to surfing. However, instead of battling the big waves, you are safe on shallow waters. All you need to do is throw your board onto the water, run in its direction, and get on it to skim.

Tips and Tricks to Follow

Once you learn to balance yourself on the board, you can easily glide on the waves and do some amazing tricks.

Selecting the Board
For beginners, the first thing to concentrate on what type of board you wish to choose. Go with either a fiberglass or wooden skimboard. Also, your height and weight will play a big part in deciding which board is right for you. Now although the skimboarding boards are smaller in size, there are a few variations in them. If you pick a board which is too small for you, it could mean that while skimming over the waves, your board may sink rather than glide. The best way to find the right board is by visiting your nearest sporting goods store and ask for assistance from the sales staff.

Finding the Location
Hands down, California is one state that offers one of the best beaches, not only