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How to Ice Skate

Whether you want to take ice skating as a game or exercise, first you have to get into the basics of it. It’s bit technical but not that difficult to learn. As a beginner you have to start from scratch. Before starting, always remember if you are not in the skating arena, practice only on thick ice. Avoid going to… Read more »

Speed Skating Rules and Regulations

The thrill of racing against a clock or against other racers in a serious competition to win, is like no other. Be it on land or on water, racing is a sport that tests your strategic skills and your physical prowess and how well they work together. Sometimes, the fastest racer is not always the winner and one sport that… Read more »

Innovative Game Ideas for Ice Skating

We all love a sport, and we look for different ways to get better at it. The same holds true for the sport of ice skating. Children who are learning how to ice skate, are bound to find the mundane lessons boring. To help them learn better, coaches look for different ways through which they can make teaching a lot… Read more »